Si Scott - Quite Frankly / An Erotic Magazine (NSFW)

Si Scott is a friend and a massively talented illustrator, you can see the bulk of his amazing work here, however he has recently been commissioned to do some erotic pieces, which, in my humble opinion are very well handled considering the context, however some pieces have been barred on… Read more →

Grey City Clothing

Grey City Clothing is a new Manchester based blog with it's own streetware label, the blog covers all things Manc from music and art events in the city to which shops have the latest clobber and sneakers. They have just released the first range of tees that look pretty slick… Read more →

The Gay Traitor

Anyone that went to the Hacienda 'back in the day' will recognise the image above, it greeted you on the way downstairs to the smaller, hotter, dirtier (if that's even possible) subterranean cocktail bar 'The Gay Traitor'. But to my point, I came across this new mix by John Mccready… Read more →

Neil Alexander

So trying to design my new main website ... (blog is temp but will be included) ... I really wanted to do a full screen background paralax single page style experience, on a node server .. all like trendy like right? Needing really high quality, considered, professional and generally awesome images ... they were… Read more →


Now then, this is an amazing mix by a very talented DJ / Producer sparky (soundcloud ... seriously check his other shit out, it's quality!) A seriously clever mix of mid school in a new school style, fairly deep (not in a traditional fashion) but still beautiful ... props ... … Read more →

Sowing the seeds of love

This is a great Balearic re-edit / re-rub of a tune I loved the first time round, over the last few years I've been playing a couple of the tunes off 'Tales from the big chair' out and about, (Head over Heals is a stone cold classic) but this is quality… Read more →